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Team Carrell, Huff & Barger find consistency at Lewistown Raceway

Recap – Lewistown Raceway Aug 8 & 9th

Thank you to the Lewistown Raceway and the town of Lewistown, MT for a great weekend of hospitality of racing!

Last weekend Team Carrell, Huff & Barger headed to Lewistown, MT to test some changes after our world record performance in Tucson, AZ.

The team was able to make 3 passes on Saturday and 5 passes on Sunday, with consistent passes in the 190’s and top speed 198.59mph. We were prepared for the 16’ uphill elevation change and due to this being the first race of the year, hopes were not high for the amount of rubber that would be on the track. The changes in the car ran great, unfortunately we were traction limited at the big end of the track that led to consistently spinning the tires from 1000’ on.

We have to send out a huge shout out to Nicole, Kevin and all of the track volunteers. They did an awesome job with track prep for a first race of the season. #becausecovid

Steve had as much fun as he ever has in the dragster. “Current Technology” was able to have some of its best 60’ ET’s and 202mph at the 1000’ prior to wheel spin. But we just weren’t able to get to the goal of 205mph for the weekend. In the end, “Current Technology” was able to run with a level of consistency and a tremendous amount of data to help the team reach the next goal. We now have the 5 fastest passes in EV Racing history between the achievements at Tucson Dragway and Lewistown Raceway. (197.82, 197.71, 198.59 and sideways through the lights). The data shows our top speed was 202mph at 986’.

“It’s a hell of a lot of fun driving in those conditions, but not the best for setting records.” said Huff.

Huff added, “The crew did a fantastic job working with what we had. Unfortunately we just didn’t have the track that we needed that day.”

Thank you to all of our crew and supporters for an amazing and fun weekend to close out the 2020 racing season:

Larry and Kathi Carrell

Doris Carrell

Derek Barger – High Tech Systems

Sam “Laptop” Chaysavang – AEM Performance Electronics

Scott Owens – Owens Racing Transmissions

Jill Andrews

Dan Baker

Josh Gibbs

Paul “Buck McCoy” Barbus

Kassandra Nienaber

Ron Dobson

Mike ‘Dash’ Watson

Bryan Goffe – Garage Asylum

Cascadia Motion

Antigravity Batteries

Hawaya Racing

Worldwide Bearings

Joe’s Racing Products

PBI Sprockets

Performance Coatings


Electro Erosion

Yancy Fabrication

Stroud Safety


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