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Early on in his motorsport career, Steve Huff largely split his time between his road racing aspirations in open wheel single-seaters and the blistering velocities of motorcycle drag racing. Over time he began to shift more of his focus toward the latter, and he would go on to set eighth and quarter-mile national records in Top Fuel before moving into dry lakebed racing at Bonneville and El Mirage. “To this day I’m still the only person to have gone over 200 miles per hour on a bike with an 80 cubic-inch pushrod engine,” he notes. “And I’m still not done there – I’ll be going back soon.”

Back in 2016, Huff was in the process of building 180-inch wheelbase turbocharged dragsters for NHRA competition when he happened to catch an interview with racing icon Don Garlits that piqued his interest. “It was about his mission to be the first to hit 200 mph in the quarter mile in an electric vehicle,” he recalls. “He was the first to hit 200 mph in the quarter mile in a Top Fuel car back in 1964, and of course I’ve always been a huge fan of his. I’m not really an electric car guy – I love internal combustion engines – but ICE tech has fundamentally stayed the same for more than a century. I was inspired by that interview with Don, but what really stuck out to me was that he said he didn’t think 200 mph was possible with the technology that was currently available at that time. That’s when I decided to design and build a car to break that barrier, and we named it Current Technology.”


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