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Steve Huff got his first taste for speed at a young age by doing custom rebuilds on anything with wheels, VW’s, trucks, and motorcycles. Steve started his racing career with open wheel cars and carts, quickly gaining notoriety as a custom bike builder creating amazing motorcycles for members of Alice in Chains, Candlebox, and personalities like Daniel Eng (MMA fighter). Steve Huff’s famous V-twin custom “The Wet One”, took top honors at the Oakland Roaster show. Steve’s creations weren’t all style, they had substance, his rigs go fast! In 1998, Steve started racing nitro methane burning Harley drag bikes and soon rose to the top of the field in the AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing Association).


You would think going over 200mph in 6-seconds on the 1/4 mile, consistently placing in the Top 10 nationally for years, would be enough for this speed freak, but it wasn’t. Steve has always pushed his limits and the limits of his machines. In 2001, Steve Huff was awarded “Wrench of the Year” by his peers. He was the man to beat in the Pro Dragster class and a fierce competitor in the Top Fuel class of motorcycle drag racing. He set speed records for the T/F Canadian National in both the 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile in the P/D class.


During these racing years, Steve continued to build custom bikes. His shop, Huff Motorsports, become the Puget Sound’s “go to” place for badass builds. Working through near handicapping accidents and near death experiences from racing, Steve continued to pull in the top names in the component and design world to his garage. Names like Alan Sputhe, Jim McClure, and Jody Anderson (S&S) are just some of the legends that have worked closely with Steve, redesigning and exploring the potential of the V-twin engine. Huff Motorsports gradually became more of an exclusive private shop as Steve’s focus shifted towards his own goals of designing bikes that simply go faster than anything else in their class. In 2006, Steve Huff formed a partnership with Ed Wallace Jr. of Destination Harley Davidson in Tacoma, WA.  Ed and Steve took the V-Rod Destroyer to Bonneville Salt Flats for the first time, establishing it as the world's fastest production Harley Davidson (over 167mph). It was all over for Steve then, he had “Salt Fever”. Steve’s focus became laser sharp as he finally realized what he was supposed to do on this earth, break land speed records.


Steve Huff started work on designs, using the University of Washington’s wind tunnel and teaming with some incredible “out of the box” thinkers like Doug Earle & Eric "Black Box" Engebretsen. He took the V-Rod back to Bonneville two years later and nearly died during one of his runs while attempting to break the 200mph mark, the motor blew. As Steve says, “You don’t go to Bonneville to let a little thing like a blown engine and near death stop you.” That year Steve had a priceless Buell limited edition carbon fiber XBRR in his truck, in transit to California. The Buell XBRR was designed to be a road racing bike, certainly not designed to race on the salt by a 6’ 2”, 215lb Steve Huff. But heck, is anything? It’s the DIY ethos of everyone on the salt flats that makes Bonneville, Bonneville. That year Steve took home 3 records on the XBRR. One thing your learn in Land Speed Racing, you don’t come home to ticker tape parades and adoring fans. There are no grand stands on the salt. There are no paparazzi or media crews. People go to the salt for one reason, to come home with a piece of paper that proves that your vehicle is the fastest in its class. Steve Huff, now racing under his full name Steve Huff Motorsports, currently holds 6 records between the two major governing bodies of Land Speed Racing; The SCTA and the AMA. He has set 11 total records, but as Steve says “Records are borrowed, not owned”.

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