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Huff Motorsports electric drag racing division e-Spec Racecars LLC design, built and raced "Current Technology" electric dragster to take the title of being the World's FIRST and ONLY electric car to go over 200mph in the 1/4mile. 


Jan 2017 - Appearance on Good Morning America, Don 'Big Daddy' Garlits said he had been chasing the goal of being the first electric car to go over 200mph for a few years, but did not think it was achievable with current technology.  Thus inspiring "Current Technology" electric dragster to be built by Steve Huff with support of Larry Carrell.

Sept 17th, 2017, "Current Technology" is the new record holder for the unlimited volt class at 180.03mph.

2018 back to the drawing board as we look for more power, better acceleration off the line and the effort continues to be the first to 200mph in the 1/4 mile in an electric dragster.  

August 2019 back to the workshop to increase power, add a 3-speed Owens Racing transmission and a larger clutch pack - Current Technology 2.0 CYCLEDRAG.COM VIDEO CLICK HERE


February 2020 back to the workshop to pull the clutch and transmission and change out the data monitoring system to an AEM Performance Electronics CAN system.  Doubled down on power supply with 2 dual core Axial Flux motors and 4 controllers.  AEM VIDEO CLICK HERE

March & April 2020 - Covid-19 shuts down all racing and stalls ability to test the new Current Technology 3.0 set up

May 14, 2020 - Tucson Dragway Team Carrell, Huff, & Barger in Current Technology become the FIRST and ONLY electric car to go over 200mph in the 1/4mile.  201.07mph with ET of 7.52.


  • 240” Wheel Base NHRA Certified 6.50 Sec Dragster

  • Purpose Built Lithium Polymer Battery

    • 800 volts

    • 5P/192S

    • 1.6 million watts (enough to power 2400 homes for 20 seconds)

    • 2,000 amps

  • 2 Custom Wound Axial Flux dual stack motors

  • 4 Rinehart 700amp Controllers/Inverters

  • e-Spec Racecars Custom Chassis

  • 2010 lbs with driver

  • 2400hp 

  • 2000 lb/ft of torque

  • Best ET 7.52sec


Contributors and Sponsors:

AEM Performance Electronics

Antigravity Batteries

Cascadia Motion

Hawaya Racing

High Tech Systems LLC

Worldwide Bearings

Joe's Racing Products

PBI Sprockets

Performance Coatings

NGK Sparkplus

Garage Asylum

Woodburn Dragstrip

Lewistown Raceway

Stroud Safety

Yancy Fabrication

Electro Erotion


e-Spec Racecars LLC offers a new 188-inch wheel-base dragster.  Our mission is to redefine the NHRA by creating safe, economical, and low maintenance dragsters that are accessible to the next generation of racers.


  •  Safe:  NHRA legal dragsters with chromemoly chassis SFI certified to 6.00 seconds

  • Economical: at roughly $60,000:  e-spec Racecars will be capable of competing in multiple NHRA classes.  Specifically for driver development starting with Jr. Comp for 14 – 21yo with a 6.90 sec index in the 1/8 mile through Top Dragster at 6.90sec in the ¼ mile; and everything in-between. 

  • Low Maintenance: utilizing 2.0L turbo charged crate engine.  High gear, multi-stage/multi-disc clutch drive system eliminating the need for a transmission.  Splined chain drive rear axle, eliminating the need for a rear differential. 

  • Made in the USA:  e-spec Racecars and all components are built and assembled in the United States

  e-spec Racecars - Concept   
  THE BUILD - First e-spec Racecar  
  THE BUILD - Phase2 e-spec Racecar  

20820 International Blvd

SeaTac, WA  98198

The Shop 206.878.8995

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