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Team Carrell, Huff & Barger break the 200mph barrier and make electric car history


May 14, 2020 – Tucson, AZ

Huff Motorsports electric drag racing division e-Spec Racecars broke the 200mph barrier in the ¼ mile during a testing session at the Tucson Dragstrip making it the World’s First and ONLY electric car to go over 200mph in the 1/4mile.

This passion project started in 2017 after Steve Huff heard the legend Don “Big Daddy” Garlits announce on Good Morning America that he was attempting to be the first in the #QuestFor200 electric drag racing title. Don Garlits is known for being the first to go over 200mph back in 1964 and is a source of inspiration in innovation in the racing world. Don’s inspiration can also be seen in the name of our electric dragster “Current Technology”, because Don said in the interview that 200mph was not achievable with current technology.

Steve Huff already had an innovative design and concept for a new drag racing car, with support from partner Larry Carrell, Steve decided to change to an electric motor and chase the title of being the World’s first 200mph electric dragster. It also makes for a great story, who would ever think that a Montana oil man (Larry Carrell) could team up with a Top Fuel motorcycle racer (Steve Huff) and create the most technologically advanced electric car in the world. In addition, Derek Barger (Colorado) was brought onboard as the foremost authority in battery technology for racing. Team Carrell, Huff & Barger was formed and now lives on in history.

In 2007, Larry “Spiderman” McBride, a former competitor of Steve’s and good friend, was the first to go over 200mph in the ¼ mile on an electric motorcycle. But until today, no one had done it in a car.

3 years after being inspired, Current Technology dragster is in its 3rd reinvention.

Current Technology 3.0 Specs

  • 240” Wheel Base NHRA Certified 6.50 Sec Dragster

  • Purpose Built Lithium Polymer Battery

  • 800 Volts

  • 5P/192S

  • 1.6 megawatts

  • 2,000 amps

  • 2 Custom Wound Axial Flux dual stack motors

  • 4 Rinehart 700amp Controllers

  • e-Spec Racecars Custom Chassis

  • 2010 lbs with driver

  • 2200hp at 7000rpm

  • 1770 ft/lb of torque

  • Best ET 7.52sec


Steve Huff and the team will be returning to our Seattle, WA home base and look forward to the opportunity to continue our mission of promoting education and creativity to the next generation of builders, innovators, and racers.

Content from the event can be found here, credit to


Contact Jill Andrews for media follow up

Cell 206.371.1093


History: Steve Huff of Huff Motorsports is a 20+ year veteran of racing with teams on 2 wheels, 4 wheels and no wheels (hydroplane). A 14 time record setting racer on Top Fuel, Pro Drag and Land Speed racing motorcycles. Steve also races an e350 hydroplane and leads a Super Hooligan motorcycle team currently in 1st place for the National Title for 2020. In addition to racing, Steve Huff is working on development of a television series called “SPEED GEEKS – The Science of Speed” with local head writer Scott Schafer (Bill Nye) and Robert Radler (Television and Movie Director) of Los Angeles. SPEED GEEKS is an education based show with lessons on math, science, and technology given through the lens of racing the World’s Fastest everything, cars, boats, motorcycles, skies, skateboards, etc.

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