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So you think you’re a tough guy...

I used to think i was tough.....then came chemo. Man does it suck! Day 5 and 6 after my first treatment were bad, but day 7....that was a new kind of misery.

Crazy pains, puking, and just feeling like you've been beat with a bat kind of misery. And then it was gone and I felt pretty damn good for the few hours I had left before my second infusion.

At my second infusion of each 3-week course (there are 6 scheduled courses) I am only getting one chemo medication. The first infusion is two meds and the second of which (cisplaitin) has more side effects. I am happy to report that the side effects this week were no problem at all compared to last week.

Now I have intil the 20th before my next infusion with the Cisplaitin and I feel pretty good. I am hopeful that the pain will continue to diminish and that this chemo is kicking this cancers ass, I know its trying to kick mine.

I went up to Whidbey island last Sunday and saw some friends. I am horrible at taking pictures, so I'll say I'm sorry now if I didn't remember to take a picture with you. I'll remember next time.

Thank you Kasandra for taking me to my second chemo appointment, its not much fun but you made me laugh. Thank you all.

Thank you to everyone that has sent well wishes and prayers. Thank you also to everyone that contributed to the fundraiser to help with the bills that continue to mount. Every little but helps. I’ll be posting more of my motorcycle collection to sell. Some ready to ride and some projects. Look for more info next week.

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Tami LaFreniere
Tami LaFreniere
15 sty 2021

Love you..💜


Tracy Keene
Tracy Keene
14 sty 2021

You got this! Tyler just went through chemo for Testicular Cancer & had the same drug. It’s a hard one for sure but it gets the job done. Rest when you are tired & eat what sounds or tastes good Praying for you, & your team of doctors Brian, Tracy, Travis & Tyler Keene

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