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Cancer Sucks... Chemo Really Sucks!

A day in the life of chemotherapy, Steve is doing six 3-week cycles of chemotherapy. Unfortunately due to low white blood cell count last week, the 2nd cycle was pushed back a week to start today. Steve's day started at 7am with labs and blood draw. Then on to oncology medical doctor appointment, and then at 10am Steve is started on 2 treatments through his port line that last until 5pm. That's 10 hours of medical poking, literally, with the last 7hrs stuck in a chair. We all know, Steve doesn't do "stuck in a chair" very well. On Day 8 of the 3-week cycle, Steve gets another chemotherapy treatment, this one "only" lasts for about 3hrs, and then he has a week to recoup and get ready to start it all over again on day 22 (which is basically day 1 all over again). In-between treatments is a lot of days of ups and downs, feeling sick and then feeling okay, going strong and then hitting a brick wall. Just like racing, one minute you are cruising at 190mph and pushing for another 10mph and the next something breaks and you are just trying to hold on and stay upright or you run out of gas. (how many of you have heard those stories from Bonneville?)

But life goes on. Steve's team at UW Medical Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance are helping him work through the physical and emotional sides of a Cancer diagnosis. Their advice is to continue setting goals, making plans, having things to reach for in your life and mitigating risk along the way. Sounds a lot like racing.

Last weekend was one of those special moments in life. After getting clearance from my doctors, the team went to Florida. This was a trip I had planned with Larry months ago, but some things have changed since then (said with irony). Jill, Dash, Buck and Bryan (Garage Asylum) all decided to go and make sure my trip was safe and successful. 

After completing the first 3-week cycle of chemo, we were all hoping for an uneventful trip to Florida. Friday at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, FL started strong. We had a suite with an amazing view and celebrated Larry's 80th birthday with some amazing sweets from Candyland Designs (

As we watched, 32 of Larry's beautiful cars rolled across the auction floor and on to live a new life in someone else's garage! Larry was 80 going on 16 as the action on the auction floor got hot and the cars started selling.

To see Larry there, immersed in years and years of work, I realized that we were the characters in a bunch of future stories.

The team had a great time seeing the auction in person along with getting to see the amazing collection of cars being sold at the Mecum Auction. Pretty sure we all got a picture with the $5.4million Shelby 427 Cobra that sold right after Larry's collection on Friday.

In addition to the auction, the team had to include a trip to Don Garlits' Museum of Drag Racing. It was epic! Thank you to Keith Howard from NEDRA for the private tour. Our visit ended with getting to spend time with the man himself, Don "Big Daddy" Garlits. It just happened to also be Don Garlits' 89th birthday a few days before, and Buck McCoy's actual birthday.

Thank you and Happy Birthday Don Garlits, you continue to be an inspiration. And now for the drum roll please (insert sound effect) I am glad to announce that plans are in the works for Don and I to race each other, heads up. Current Technology vs Swamp Rat 38, AC vs DC, Tesla vs Edison, Huff vs Garlits. This was what I have dreamt of. Thank you Don!

For Steve and his cancer treatment, nausea has become a major factor in daily life. Jill has found the Kid's Menus are best for Steve's lack of appetite and for blander food. Buck's mom let us in on the secret of food cooking smells being a trigger for nausea, so the trip into the BBQ joint in Florida was a lesson learned in what not to do.

I have to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. The messages and cards have been overwhelming and the donations have helped more than I could ever explain. Jill has now got a Go Fund Me page going. Asking for help just isn't my thing, so thank you for being there without waiting for me to ask. I have the best friends a guy could have. I'll try to update more often. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I just can't believe it,  not yet. 

Steve GoFundMe page

Huff Motorsports Gear Page with links to GoFundMe and the PayPal Fundraiser accounts and sweet Huff Motorsports gear.

Anything you can give is appreciated. We also have a new sweatshirt designed and ordered. Hopefully we will have it in the next couple of weeks and available for sale. Steve also have several of his personal collection of bikes available for sale, both ready to ride and project bikes. Contact the shop with any questions: 206-878-8995 on bikes for sale or email Jill at


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