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Steve Huff Makes History—First To Eclipse The Electric Vehicle 200 Mph Mark

While Huff’s feat marked him as the first man to break the 200mph barrier in an electric-powered, four-wheeled vehicle, he isn’t done. Now, he’s on a mission to be the first to break into the 6-second zone. He gets a thrill from finding barriers that exist in various forms of racing and obliterating them, as well as solving problems and surpassing limitations.

“We’re in the process of building the clutch we need to make the 6-second run happen, and we will go from a 1.35-second 60-foot down to a 1.1-second 60-foot time,” affirmed Huff, who predicts he’ll do the deed within the next 30-60 days.

Huff hopes to be able to inspire future generations of would-be hot rodders who may not have an interest in traditional horsepower to instead focus on electric power.

“We’re losing small engine classes, shop classes, welding classes… when our minds aren’t being challenged, we see an increase in delinquent behavior. So, maybe electric vehicle racing can give them a different way to find the dopamine they’re seeking,” he stated eloquently. “I want to help give students and young people a new platform to showcase their skills. Hard work and dedication, the core fundamentals of what people look for in employees, a lot of that is learned through racing.”

Full Article: CLICK HERE

Steve with Alan Reinhart the voice of the NHRA

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