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Lake Chelan on FIRE!

Our first appearance a the newly resurrected Lake Chelan Apple Cup Regatta did not end as planned. Sadly due to a mechanical error, the Agitator E98 caught fire and Steve got to take a swim.

Who needs reality TV? Just come out to a race weekend and see it live and in person!

Big thanks to our Region 10 Rescue team for fishing Steve out of the cool waters of Lake Chelan. Sadly we were unable to finish the weekend of racing.

In the end Steve's response was, "Did you see me NAIL THE START?!"

Yep, that's Steve. We learned a lesson and he counted this as a victory for one of his best starts!

#NWProLiteSeries continues with title sponsors Destination Harley Davidson and Jet Chevrolet for the $10,000 Purse and added prizes from Lifeline Race Gear. All 10 races in the series are in Washington State.

Photos by Chris Denslow

Video by JillAgain Travels using the Fly360 on board dash camera.

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