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Woodburn, OR - Sunday, September 17, 2017

The rain was on its way and time was running out. Luckily the Carrell & Huff race team never ran out of steam, or electrons. It was their first time out with “Current Technology”, the first electric dragster from e-Spec Racecars.

“We went 180 mile per hour on our first time out against a 12 mph headwind, so yes, I am really happy with the results.” ~ Steve Huff owner of e-Spec Racecars

Steve Huff was working a different race car project with Larry Carrell, a dyed in the wool “oil man”, last winter when he conceived the electric dragster idea. Steve was certain he could reach 200mph in an electric dragster. with Larry Carrell’s approval to shift focus off of their existing project.

“An oil man, a top fuel racer, and a high school automotive teacher make an unlikely electric car race team, but it’s working and working very well.” ~ Steve Huff

Today the Carrell & Huff race team set a New World Record in the NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Assn) DR/A5 class, which is the unlimited voltage car class. The previous NEDRA record of 171.02mph was held by Latvia race team “Electric Fox”. They still hold the ET record for that class. The new record by Carrell & Huff is 180.03mph (their back up run was 179.24mph).

FUN FACT #1: Steve Huff set his first of many World Records 16 years ago in 2001, right here at Woodburn Dragstrip in the same lane. The crazy part the record was for nearly the same speed as today's record. It was for 180.28mph on his Nitro Harley Davidson Pro-Dragster.

When asked why the ET is so far off of the MPH results, Huff said, “Because I couldn’t take advantage of the one thing this motor has, torque. You see, an electric motor makes a lot of torque, but it doesn’t store it. Without stored energy I can’t launch the car hard off the line. Torque makes for low ET’s and horsepower makes MPH.”

Huff is heading back to the shop to make the energy storage device and states that he will have this car into the 6’s with A LOT more MPH as soon as the rain stops.



Steve Huff is a 14 time record breaking Nitro Harley Davidson and Land Speed racer. He formed Huff Motorsports in 1996. Steve develops integrated design concepts that pull from both the motorcycle & car racing worlds. His accomplishments include the fastest & only 80in push rod motorcycle in the world at 202.8mph, Canadian top fuel Harley Davidson record at 202mph, first carbureted Harley Davidson to 180mph, multiple custom motorcycles featured in magazines & on covers, Best in Show honors at the Grand National Roadster Show, Best Appearing Team & Wrench of the Year for his Nitro Harley Davidson team, etc. Steve is working on his TV series concept called “SPEED FREAKS - The Science of Speed” and recently purchased and began racing the record holding “Agitator”, a 5-Litre Hydroplane.

Steve Huff has set records in each of the motorcycle classes he has raced in and with every vehicle he has designed and built.


Hancock & Lane Racing (who also won Comp Eliminator today)

Huff Motorsports

Northshore Automotive Technology

Joe’s Racing Products

Rinehart Motion Systems

Hawaya Racing

Worldwide Bearings

PBI Sprockets

AM Racing


Yancy Fabrication

HTC Batteries

Multi-Contact aka Staubli Electrical Connectors


Performance Coatings

Garage Asylum

Gearworks Seattle

Stroud Safety

Dizzy’s Performance Colors

Brian Cornwell

MI Elements

Woodburn Dragstrip

Lewistown Raceway

Corvus Eye Productions

Anny Havland


Jill Andrews Jeff Lane Eddie Mola

John Kuglar Cody Lane Steve Schwab

Jerry Jametsky Jerry Hancock Brian Guse

Mike ‘Mad Dash’ Watson Ken Lance Rob

Aaron Garrison

e-Spec Racecars LLC

20820 International Blvd

SeaTac WA 98198

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