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2016 Return Sponsor - NGK Spark Plugs

For immediate release:

Thank you to our returning 2016 sponsor NGK Spark Plugs.

Steve Huff Motorsports is proud to wear the NGK name for another year and for committing to nearly 2 decades of supporting our racing.

Steve recalls the origins of his relationship with NGK. "Racing Top Fuel Harleys, we went through 1000's of spark plugs, because on a good pass we would burn the ends off. But now, racing with gasoline and occasional nitrous, even if our tuning is off a little, the new NGK Iridium spark plugs keep us running all weekend on the same set."

Steve's been know to push engines to the absolute limit, "We've never had a porcelain failure on an NGK spark plug. If you've ever seen what a chunk of porcelain can do to a piston and cylinder, you'll know why we only run NGK spark plugs."

Steve Huff Motorsports uses NGK Spark Plugs exclusively on of our customers' motorcycles. Our twin cam bikes get the DCPR7EIX spark plugs and we use the DPR8EIX spark plugs on the higher compression twin cams and some of the Buell models. NGK has a spark plug for everything!

Steve Huff Motorsports recently upgraded to NTK Oxygen Sensors on the race bike's data acquisition system. "NTK Oxygen Sensors give us really consistent data, even in the brutal environment that the leaded race gas puts them through. We even use the NTK sensor on our dyno."

Steve Huff Motorsports is honored to be included in the 2016 NGK/NTK Racing Calendar. Look for us this month; March 2016!

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