Return to El Mirage, November 2015

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Steve Huff Motorsports returns to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed for the SCTA final event of the season.

Steve Huff Motorsports returned to California over the weekend of November 14-15th with the hopes of a repeat of his 202.8mph run in September at Mojave Air & Space Port.

During a weekend of sunshine, low wind, and cool temperatures, over 200 entrants descended on El Mirage Dry Lake Bed with the hopes of setting a record and taking their vehicles to their extremes. The summer of rain and cancelled events at Bonneville and El Mirage made this last event of 2015 larger than usual.

Huff had the Destination Harley Davidson Buell XBRR running better than ever and anticipated making at least 205mph on the dirt. Dirt being the X-factor.

“The cool weather was awesome allowing us to make a lot of horse power. The course was as good as can be,” said Huff. The team decided to throw more nitrous at it and see what the course to can handle.

With one of the smallest 200mph motorcycles, it comes down to the start. Huff decided to take advantage of the great course conditions, activating the nitrous in 2nd instead of the usual 3rd gear.

Unfortunately this was a bit overly optimistic.

Huff says, ”As soon as I hit the nitrous it just blew off the tire. I was on and off the throttle and nitrous 3 times, bouncing off the rev limiter, trying to get it to hook up, that’s just not a good combination.”

During this combination of events the front piston experienced catastrophic failure and the rear piston/cylinder didn’t fair too well either.

Back to Huff, “It’s not the first engine I’ve blown up, and it won’t be the last. That’s just part of racing.”

In the immortal words of Jim McClure, “If you are worried about hurting it, don’t take it out of the trailer.”

Even with the repeated cancellations of events throughout the summer, the 2015 race season was a great success for Steve Huff Motorsports and Destination Harley Davidson in being the first 80 inch push rod motorcycle to go over 200mph.

“There is only one team that’s the first to 200mph in their class. We did it on asphalt this year, we will try again to do it on dirt and salt next year.” Says Huff.

Watch for upcoming news about the Destination Harley Davidson V-Rod project nearing completion in anticipation of racing in 2016 and some exciting sponsorship news.

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