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Drag Racing in Montana

For Immediate Release: June 28th, 2015

Steve Huff and Mike ‘Mad Dash’ Watson found themselves in the middle of Montana, Lewistown, to be specific. Yes, it’s literally the geographic middle of Montana. Steve was right at home, back on the dragstrip, but this time to teach.

The Carrell family bought the Harley dragster last year and called on Steve to come out to Lewistown Raceway to assist the family for the weekend, giving them details on the Harley car. The Carrell’s 16-yo daughter, Sheyenne, was ready to learn about the car and get some tips on racing down the longest continually operating NHRA track in the nation.

“We set the clutch up soft and put a soft tune on the car. It was running mid-elevens, 113-mph in the quarter, but she could have handled a lot more.” The team ran the car in the Pro class and Sheyenne did great against some experienced serious racers. “She got better at the lights each round and I could tell she was getting familiar with the car; fast.” Steve Huff

Huff Motorsports purpose built the car in 2008 to compete in the NHRA 1/8 mile Junior Comp class, with Blake Adsero and his then 14 year old son, Bruce. But the car is also legal in Pro and Super Pro. Steve spent years developing the clutch in the Harley car to be wholly ‘automatic’. Huff doesn’t expect anybody to just figure it out on their own. Sheyenne, and her parents, Stacey and Brandon, started the learning process, getting their hands dirty. Sheyenne’s brother and sister also ran in the junior class. That’s a lot to do and a great team effort.

“Sheyenne went straight into the Pro class running the full ¼ mile. That’s a lot to handle for anybody, and it’s a hell of a leap forward from the Junior Dragster she came out of” said an impressed Huff.

Look for Sheyenne; she's got a future in racing if that's what she wants to do. Learning the process and processing everything that happens in those 10 - 11 seconds takes time. Steve said she staged the car right, ran without fear and got right in there working on the car, learning how to set it up.

“What a great track and great people. I’m so happy that they got that car; it couldn’t be in better hands. Seeing the smile on her face made it all worthwhile. We’ll be back to help again July 11th and 12th. Her ambition, focus and willingness to do the work it takes, was great to see. It’s the combination you need to be successful on the track. She’ll be teaching her sister and brother about that car soon enough and I think Sheyenne and the Harley car will be making lots of rounds in the near future.” Huff added, “Index racing is good, drivers have to learn how to be consistent. We don’t need the car to go faster for her to win. But…. it’s easier tracking down these full size race cars when you’re a dragster, so we’ll probably get her running low tens sooner than later.”

Thanks to everyone at the track and our competitors for their support of Sheyenne. Thank you to the Carrell family, Sheyenne's Uncle, Larry Carrell and Grandfather, Lloyd “G-Bear” Carrell, we had a great time and look forward to coming back. Uncle Paul & Tom, what a great time on your ranch and the steaks were perfect! We’ll be back!

Steve Huff Motorsports sponsored by Destination Harley Davidson, Performance Coatings, Worldwide Bearings, Vision Graphics, PBI Sprockets, Joes Racing Products, EVO Suspension, NGK Sparkplugs, and the Des Moines DogHouse.


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